El Lado Quieto: The Regenerative Afterlife of Architecture

October 8, 2022

@ SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen
︎︎︎ Speakers: Beatriz Colomina, Angela YT Chan, Ariana Kalliga 

Borrowing its title from the film “El Lado Quieto - The Quiet Side” (2021) written and directed by Miko Revereza and Carolina Fusilier, the talk centers on the regenerative afterlife of architecture by drawing on recent case studies in the fields of contemporary art and curatorial practice. The film's underlying philosophical program will serve as an entry-point from which to consider the relationship between nature and architecture, opening space for thinking regeneration theoretically and imaginatively. Seeking to initiate a broader, trans-disciplinary discussion of regenerative processes and their implications beyond human perspectives, “El Lado Quieto” asks: How can nature re-orient our understanding of ourselves and the architectural environment around us? In the course of the discussion we will also look at how exhibitions can initiate meaningful, long-term dialogues between artistic and architectural practice, and serve as a pedagogical vehicle to think about the design of future ecosystems.

Presentation of Artist-Run Dialogues at Hyper Hipo Athens (April 29, 2022).

Artist-Run Dialogues Book Launch

April 29, 2022

@ Hyper Hipo Athens
︎︎︎Speaker: Publication Editor, Ariana Kalliga. 
Performative reading with Hannah-Cassens Marshall 

Is there a common lexicon with which artist-run spaces describe their aims and methodologies? How does language play a role in the survival of these organizations? And how might language help shape and sustain their identity over time? How do these spaces communicate their projects to their varied publics? The talk centered on the research and production of the publication Artist-Run Dialogues, as well as the possibilities of forming new relationships with other small-scale organizations as a way of building an international network of support and solidarity.

Special thanks to Hyper Hipo, Athens - Andreas Kokkino & Stathis Mitropoulos - for hosting this event.

Post-Migration Panel Discussion convened by the Danish Institute, Athens (September 30, 2021). From left to right: Prof. Anne Ring, curator Ariana Kalliga, Dr. Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Dr. Sabine Dahl Nielsen.

Post-Migration: Reframing Identity, Community and History, Panel Discussion

September 30 - October 1, 2021

︎︎︎Convened by the Danish Institute, Athens

Exploring post-migratory approaches in theory, film, and contemporary art, the two -day program aimed to initiate broader, interdisciplinary discussions about migration and its long-term effects, as well as the relationship between artistic and curatorial practices that are increasingly intertwined.

The speakers related to both the Danish and Greek contemporary art scenes, exploring the resonance of the term ‘postmigrant societies’ coined by Naika Foroutan through a series of recent case studies in European curatorial and artistic practice.

The panel was followed by a film screening of the coming-of-age film Flotel Europa (2015) by artist Vladimir Tomic. Set in 1992 on a boat transporting refugees fleeing Bosnia and Herzegovina to Denmark, the film was selected for the Berlin Film Festival and has since won the award for best documentary at several film festivals. The film explores interrelated concepts of post-migration, narrative and belonging in a European context.

Participants: Prof. Anne Ring (University of Copenhagen), Dr. Sabine Dahl Nielsen (University of Copenhagen), Dr. Sotirios Bahtsetzis (Curator, Co-director of AthenSYN) and Ariana Kalliga (Moderator, Independent Curator)

Special thanks to the Danish Institute in Athens for their support.

Watch the full Q&A

“Saving History: Community Advocacy in the East Village”. Event Announcement on mas.org.

Saving History: Community Advocacy in the East Village

May 4-5, 2019

@ Tompkins Square Park
︎︎︎Walking tour by Laura Sewell & Ariana Kalliga (Event co-organizers)

“Saving History: Community Advocacy in the East Village” consisted of a talk & walking tour led by Ariana Kalliga and Laura Sewell exploring the historic actions of neighbors, activists and local organizations in the East Village. The tour aimed to introduce the critical role played by community advocacy over the right to public space through a tour of the community spaces, historic spaces and architectural landmarks surrounding Tompkins Square Park.

The event was adapted on three occasions.  As a Jane’s Walk for the Municipal Art Society of New York (May 4, 2019) 2), as tour by the East Village Community Coalition for East Village History Month (May 5, 2019) and as a virtual tour on the Urban Archive platform (Online, Current).

Art and Philosophy Conference at Oxford University (May 10, 2017). Photo by Mateusz Diak.

Oxford University Contemporary Art & Philosophy Conference

May 10, 2017

@ Exeter College, University of Oxford
︎︎︎Conference Co-organizer, Q&A Moderator

Bringing together guest lecturers from three UK institutions who specialize in the fields of aesthetics and contemporary art, the conference touched upon the relation between contemporary philosophy and artistic practice, through discussions on the model and the fragment, poiesis and praxis, radical matter and participation.

Speakers: Prof. Johnny Golding (Royal College of Art, London), Prof. Ilia Galan Diez (Aesthetics, Oxford University), Dr. Melanie Jordan: Head of the Contemporary Art Practice (Royal College of Art, London), Dr. Ian Kiaer (Associate Professor of Fine Art at the Ruskin), Prof. David Lubin: Visiting Professor in History of Art (Oxford University). 

Ariana Kalliga, Q&A, Art and Philosophy Conference at Oxford University (May 10, 2017). Photo by Mateusz Diak.

Q&A, Art and Philosophy Conference at Oxford University (May 10, 2017). Photo by Mateusz Diak.